Read this if you like to become a mother one day

This is a fashion website, we assume you’re a fashion-conscious lady and most lady would one day like to be a Mom. If you dream of marrying the love of your life and raise your kids together, you need to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

If you have breast cancer, you may have to undergo mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts) However, if you have cervical cancer, you might have to undergo hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus) which would rob you of your child bearing ability.

I know that most people are very impatient when reading articles, especially uninteresting topic like cervical cancer. So we’ve made it in a Q&A format and put only the most important information in point form.

If you’re lazy to read, at least scan through the bolded words so that when your friend mentions pap smear test you wouldn’t go “Huh? Did I hear Britney Spears?”




1. What is cervical cancer?
cancer of the cervical area
-the second most common female cancer disease in the world (after breast cancer)

2. Can it happen to me?
Yes! It can happen to you if you are or have ever been sexually active

3. What is my risk?
You are at higher risk if you
-first sexual experience at early age
multiple sexual partner
suffered from sexually transmitted disease (e.g HIV, gonorrhea, syphillis)

4. But I have no history of cancer
-Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have history of cancer to be diagnose with cervical cancer.
As long as you have started sexual activity, you are at risk

5. How would I get it?
-Through a common virus call HPV which spread through sexual activity
80% of women will get HPV once in a lifetime
-Our body can clear most HPV infection
-But sometimes our body fail to clear HPV virus, causing infection to remain in cervix which can develop into cervical cancer

Take this risk assessment test at POCC to find out more

6. What are the symptoms?
Early stage of cervical cancer has no symptoms!

When you discover symptoms below, it might already be too late.
abnormal bleeding in between period/after menopause/after intercourse
watery/bloody vaginal discharge – that may be heavy or have a foul smell
pain: lower abdominal pain or pain during intercourse

PREVENT – Oh no! What should I do?

1. How to lower my risk?
There are a few ways:
1. Practice safe sex
2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
3. Regular pap smear test – an early detection screening programme
4. Vaccination

2. Huh? Pap smear test? What is that?
-A test to detect cancerous cells
If there’s significant changes, treatment can be given thus preventing cervical cancer

Check out wikipedia for more information

3. How is pap smear test like?
-A tool is used to gather cells from the outer opening of the cervix
-Cells are then examined under a microscope to look for abnormalities.
-The aim of the test is to detect potentially pre-cancerous changes

4. How often should I do it?
At least once in three years

5. How much is it?
It ranges from RM 5 (in government clinic) to a few hundred (in private hospitals). To find out more call POCC hotline at 1800 22 7622

HELP- what can I do to protect my love ones?

-We played our part to bring to you snippets of information about cervical cancer so that you will be aware and detect cervical cancer at early stage.

-We encourage you to tell your love ones about it.

-You can also support the prevention of cervical cancer by making a pledge. Just click the banner below.

For more information, check out POCC website

At the website you can also:
-take a test to check your risk of contracting cervical cancer
-post questions about cervical cancer to doctors from National Cancer Society of Malaysia

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