BEAUTY BUYS: Fake Braces

Do you fancy getting Katy Perry or Ugly Betty’s nerdy look? Besides wearing a huge geek glasses to pull it off, putting on a  fake braces works best to complete the entire look.

Braces Faces sells fake braces (the first in Malaysia) for people who wish to be a geek….in fashion.

*Please note that the braces is not meant for those who already have their braces on as it is solely for fashion purposes*

Check out the adorable motives!

Hello Kitty | Motive ‘O’ | Mickey Mouse | Flower


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  • anonymous

    how much it cost?

  • Emanueliris

    how much????

  • Zackrie55

    price ?

  • Mmchearse

    do they fit children for a fancy dress party????

  • Chloe234x

    Do they fit 9-10 yr old and how much are the Katy perry ones?

  • Mmchearse

    can you choose what colour you want?

  • eyaa

    how much ? seriously i want it 

  • Nurimanwafa

    how much? i want.

  • Shanillopy

    how much it cost?is it free with the case or mix price?

  • Maryssa

    how much are they i want two pares i want botom and top  bot my sister wants the same i realy baddley want this so tell me how much it is so i no and i can get some do the fit 9 and up plz tell me i realy like it i wanna be like katty  perry and that i like them and HOW MUCH ARE THE

  • thesmartone

    omfg get on the web site and fingd out how much!!!!!

  • thesmartone

    they are 150 for a normal pair plus shipping and handling is also 150 so you do the math!!

    • zrpalwaysvip

      where can i buy one?:)

    • zrpalwaysvip

      where can i buy that?:) plsss

  • Tifaniet

    how do you use it and is it obvious that its fake?

  • Angela_hermosa

    is this available in the Philippines?

    • Marvin_nalangan08

      Hi.. Naghahanap nga din ako nyan sa net kung available na dito sa philippines. Wala akong makita. Sana meron na ngayon.

      • Joieroca17

        Ako nga rin po eh. Sana meron na :3

        • Dorothy jane

          hii!! I’m a filipina too and I’m currently living here in malaysia need help? :)

          • Walter

            hi ms. dorothy :) how much is the fake braces there in malaysia? :)

  • NadiraAlias

    How much is those braces eh?

  • Charlizefelling

    I loke those

  • Annurasorayasafuan

    is it possible to buy the top one ony?n how much does it cost?

  • nurul sakinah

    i like it. how much it cost? and can i find this fake braces at shop?

  • Ally Serenity Stocks

    how much are the fake braces

    • kiera smith

      vlk,ssdk.,b vc

  • christine recella

    Do u ship worldwide im from the philippines/

    • zeih .ph they have.. for P 1,999.00

  • Alyne

    do you sell them in america

  • alysa

    Can they kill you?

  • Lula

    This is the stupidest idea ever.

  • Bee Hana Rei
  • kila

    How much are the fake braces call me at this number 504-358-7344 please thank u

  • kila

    And i mean the katty perry one please tell me

  • kila

    I want the hello kitty omes now not the katty perry

  • Anoushka

    How much are they?

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    How much are they

  • Firah

    Do you accept cash? And is the katy perry one avail?

  • Keekee

    Where can you order them and how much do they cost?

  • joyce

    How much?

  • kiera smith

    how much it cost

    • kiera smith

      t4hu3norkef,rn kljern ljkrmghn lk!@#*()(*&^%$#$


  • Auds

    How much is the fake braces? How can i order it? 0109425666

  • Annis Lee

    i want to order this fake braces.

  • Zaza88

    Hi where can i get fake braces in Singapore?

  • Wilsa

    sa mau , ada lg ka ?

  • fayjay

    Do you delivered to kuwait ?

  • Pretty

    I’m looking for a fake braces here in Philippines is this available now in Philippines ??

  • Sophie

    I want it, But how much it cost?

  • fyraa

    Hi. Im selling those fake braces for fashion :) kindly whatsapp me +60176760141. Ship to all country as well. Faster grab yours now. You can choose any colours you want with any pattern you love ♡ check my ig @fyraabraces or @lo_siento56 for futher outlook. Thanks

  • Nancy Patil

    Where can I buy these in India?

  • merideth van le

    where is it in knoxville?

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