Blogshop Spy: Aishop

Here’s a new section in our blog: BLOGSHOP SPY! We would secretly shop at blogshops in Malaysia and report it to our dear readers! Like this idea? Here’s how it works: We’ll pretend to be a customer, buy something from the shop and write the shopping experience in details.

Our target this time is: Aishop!

Shopping Process

1. Ordering
Ordering with their website is smooth-sailing. It only took me a few minutes to choose the item and then pay. (It’s so nice to shop at home knowing I’m having a bad hair day!).  As I already have a few black clinchers, I ordered a brown clincher with star shaped studs which only cost me RM25.80 inclusive of delivery.

The instructions are very precise; I’m so please that Aishop reminded me that someone need to be home during office hours when the parcel arrive.

2. Payment
As not many shops offer payment by credit card, I tried to pay using it. Personally, I find it easier and faster to pay with credit card. Aishop has a good and detailed payment gateway. I also receive an email to confirm my payment and my order number.

3. After sales service
I use their MSN Online Customer Service and spoke to Clara. The reply was fast but not quick enough for a time-conscious shopper like me. While she did thank me for shopping at Aishop, she did not reply to the question on when the parcel would arrive. After 15 minutes or so, I ask again “Hello? May I know when I will receive my parcel cause I need to make sure someone is home”. I only receive a reply after inquiring a few times.

I was a little disappointed with their after sales service. This may be because I had a higher expectation since the buying experience was very good. Though efficiency may be lacking, I must add that she has always been polite (despite my many questions). Well-mannered sales person is very important! So kudos to their customer service.

4. Tracking & delivery
I was told that I will probably receive the belt tomorrow and the next day it came around 11.30 am! I was amazed as I had only ordered at 2.oo pm a day before. Who needs tracking number then?

5. Packaging & product
The clincher  was placed neatly in a plastic bag. The parcel was accompanied with and order check list and a free gift (two cute erasers)! I am satisfied with the belt which was not very different to the one in the site.

Other comments

I notice that Aishop provide ratings for their product. Once I’ve ordered, I would see my name in the customer’s testimonial and the rating would automatically be a five star full rating. Call me skeptical, there are reasons why I don’t like ratings, votes, moderated comments and even customer’s testimonials. These can be manipulated easily.


Was the item correctly described? Yes
Items condition: 5/5
Customer service: 4/5 Good but can be improved.
Was the delivery on time? Yes


It was overall a good online shopping experience. I do think that other blogshops, like Aishop, should offer more payment methods, improve their website and offer better price for customers.

Have you shop with Aishop before?

How do you like them? Was your shopping experience with Aishop as good as ours? Share with us! You may want to copy and paste the above rating and give your own.

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