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Top 10

Have you ever wonder why there are so many online shopping review blogs out there? The answer is simple–there are too many blogshops around that buyers don’t know where to shop and what these blogshops have to offer! Online shopping review blogs serves as an avenue to introduce shoppers to the many blogshops out there and shows shoppers things that are available. Some provide useful information such as the latest sales, date and time a blogshops will release their collection and even run competitions where readers can win products.

Fashionomy picked the top 10 online shopping review blogs and tell you, one by one, why we love them. The list below is arranged in alphabetical order.

1. Biatch Bible

Biåtch Bible

What? Biatch bible (BB) is a new media featuring stories about fashion, music, culture, people, events, lifestyles and creativity that aimed at hype and fashion conscious young audiences.

Why we love it? We love that Biatch Bible has high standards to the items which they review. They only review items which they think are nice and worth buying. But what’s most interesting to us is that Biatch Bible also features interviews of notable people such as Gary Chaw and DJ Goldfish!


2. Detailed Wears

Detailed Wears

What? Detailed wear only review add-ons–anything you add on after you’ve picked out your clothes.
Why we love it? Some girls are still sceptical about shopping for clothing online as they are worried that they might not fit well. Detailed wear is the place where these girls can look fashion items other than garments such as  bracelets, earrings, rings, makeup, perfume, headbands etc.


3. Diary Addictions

Diary Addictions
What? Diary Addictions is formerly known as Diary of an e-shopaholic. It is maintained by Sha-Lyn who is studying Mass Communication at KDU College. As there were no medium to connect her with all online boutiques with a single click, she started Diary Addictions for girls like her.
Why we love it? We love the clean layout which is easy to the eye and the fact that Sha-Lyn takes time to describe very meticulously the products she picks. We also like the fact that she updates a few times a day!


4. Fashion Clicks

Fashion Clicks
What? Fashion Clicks aims to guide shoppers by featuring what’s hot in fashion and recommend shoppers about where to shop.
Why we love it? Fashion Click chooses plenty of pretty items and state the price for each of them. It’s very convenient for shoppers who’ll like to know the exact price of the item. Fashion Clicks also have a knack to feature good looking and affordable items.


5. My Basic Fashion Folder

Basic Fashion Folder
What? My Basic Fashion Folder or My BFF, is a place where you can find fashion related articles and events.
Why we love it? We love the ‘Shop Snap’ project whereby anyone who is looking for a particular fashion item can email My BFF a photo and My BFF will get help from e-shops listed in MY BFF directory if they have a similar item.


6. Style 2.Info


What? Style2.Info features pictures of fashion stuffs that they think interesting and would appeal to the masses so that shoppers know what is available out there.
Why we love it? We love that Style2.Info only post up photographs of products, a short description and price. On lazy days, when we want to shop buy don’t feel like seeing a lot of words, Style2.Info will come into mind.  Indeed, like they say ‘picture paints a thousand words’!


7. Shopaholic’s Den

A Shopaholic’s Den

What? Shopaholic’s Den is a place where shopaholics online share their passion to get the latest updates on online shopping, trade goodies, share stories and have fun.
Why we love it? We like that Shopaholic’s Den chooses a unique item from different blogshops and along with it an interesting description. We also love that they collaborate with blogshops to have monthly giveaways for their readers!


8. Shopping Roll

Shopping Roll
What? Shopping Roll started in March 2009 as a place to share the writer’s online finds and good bargains. Despite having a lot of assignments, the girl behind Shopping Roll still find time to update for her readers.
Why we love it? Shopping roll is like and endless roll of shopping catalog. Shopping Roll never fails to always pick trendy, high street style clothing. As updates are very often and consistent, we can expect to always see something new to buy.


9. Trinkets Below RM50

Trinkets Below RM50
What? Trinkets below RM50 is started by Audrey, an fan of trinkets of any kind. She believe that not only a gorgeous piece of accessory should not be pricey, it should cost no more than RM50.
Why we love it? We love that when we only feel like shopping for accessories, this is the place we can go. We also love that all the trinkets featured are always affordable!


10. Your Shopping Kaki

Your Shopping Kaki
What? Your Shopping Kaki is run by Shalene who writes recommendation based on her personal experience. You can find product reviews, bazaar reviews, contests and more.
Why we love it? We love the personal touch in Your Shopping Kaki. Shalene reviews products she had bought online and personally used. Our favourite posts are 8 Things from Gossip Girl and a DIY on how to decorate a  channel-inspired bag with studs.

Any other good review blogs that you think should make to this list?

So those are Fashionomy’s Top 10 online shopping review blogs. We realise there are still a few other notable online shopping sites that we like such as Inverse Dots. We love how they mix and match the items they found online. If only they update more often! How about you? Do you like any review blogs that we did not mention. Do tell us any other interesting online review blogs you think we should know.


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